Naomi is a British Chinese photographer who preferably enjoys shooting on film. She was a winning recipient of The British Journal of Photography's Portrait of Britain in 2019. Originally hailing from Scunthorpe via Hong Kong, she is currently based in London. 

"In order to evoke the atmosphere of the films of her favourite filmmaker, Wong Kar-wai, Naomi chose to specialise in 35mm film. With coming-of-age tales at the centre, Naomi builds paracosms that focus on the blissful age between the first kiss and a day job. Capturing constructed images in a documentary like style with a feeling of longing and nostalgia."

For enquiries about commissions, collaborations, projects, features etc. please email Digital portfolio available on request.

Selected publications and clients include:

The British Journal of Photography, Converse, W Mag, BALLY, Nike, HYPEBEAST, Depop, Topicals, WonderlandODDA Korea, The World of Interiors, WHISTLES, Primark, Kickers, The Ragged Priest, Polydor, Notion, Sony Music, Chilly's, Liam Hodges, METAL, Dazed Beauty, Daisie, Nicce, Burger King, Louise Madzia, Ten Atoms.

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